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Namory Keita & Seny Daffe

January 1st - 22nd, 2019


Liz Fowler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Liz has been to Guinea many times - so you will be in good hands!

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 Immerse yourself in the beauty, culture and rhythms of Guinea with Namory, Seny and their drum & dance families!

vil dancer

3 wks - $1500 / 1-2 wks - $600 pr wk / $100 pr day

Dance & Drum lessons, lodging & meals included

Please contact us to see how we can help you design a customized journey if needed 

 Our adventure begins in Conakry, the capitol of Guinea, to explore the city, its culture and wonderful markets, neighborhoods, doundounbas and, of course, daily drum/dance classes except when awesome celebrations and events take precedent that you will surely want to attend! We may get to visit Famadou Konate's compound as well as Alhasan's Café where you can enjoy a café noir or an excellent omelet and meet many local musicians! 

Next we travel to the national park near Kindia with beautiful bamboos, teak trees and a waterfall called Voile de la Mariee (Bridal Veil Falls) before heading north to the village of Sangbarala, where we get deep into the magic of Africa. We cross the Niger river into the Hamana region where Famadou Konate and other world renowned drummers have begun their musical lives. Amazing!

Imagine being surrounded by great drummers playing the full Dounoun ensemble for each of your Djembé, Doun or dance classes. 

You will hear and feel the music as you never have before. 

This Sangbarala-check it out!

 Come with us to Sangbarala!


Still happening in the Village today!


$1500 for our 3 week package  - can't beat that!

Come for a short visit, a week or stay the full 3 weeks. 

If you need to work around the dates that are set, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find something that works for you!

drum class in conacryDrum class in Conakry - taking a break

Deposit $500 by November 1st, 2018 - non refundable

Fees include lodging, light breakfast, lunch and dinner (this may vary during traveling/special trips), and travel within Guinea with the group,

and lessons in drum/dance daily, except while traveling or during special events. 

Cold water & drinks will be available for purchase at all times.

You are responsible for all travel to and from Guinea or for other personal adventures not specifically included in this trip.

Pick up your drum order in Conakry!

Fadouba in drum

This is one of the first things we will do upon arrival - pick up our drum order!

Ordering your drum to play while in Guinea is an important piece to to think about. Namory guarantees great quality and a much better experience of study when on your own drum. Most of the djembes for student use in Guinea may not be the quality you are used to but there will be drums available for use. 



Place & pay for your orders by November 1st, 2018, so your order will be ready for you!

These prices are fair market estimates as the cost of wood in Guinea varies. Bring a great drum home with you for a great price!

measure drum


 (Approx. costs as wood prices can vary)

Djembe = $250

Douns = full Set $900

Doun = $400     Sangban  = $300   Kenkeni = $200

Djembe bags = $40 

Niger Fish DinnerWhat's for dinner? Fresh fish right from the Niger River!


The Basic Daily Itinerary 


Typical Breakfast might include tea/cafe noir, fruit, bread, eggs, avocado, oranges or other fruit

Expect lunch and dinner to be delicious traditional African dishes with ingredients bought fresh daily from the market (or the Niger River!).

Morning Drum/Dance Class 

Lunch is served / lounge or explore

Afternoon Drum/Dance Class 

Dinner is served / lounge or explore

Travel Outline (always subject to change for events and student preferences)

Enjoy a trip to the beautiful waterfalls of Kindia en route to Sangbarala, the amazing home of Famadou Konate and Namory Keita

Enjoy festivals that happen during the week along with surprise visits, events, swimming and hanging by the Niger river and generally enjoying the village culture

village class
Drum class in the village - wicked fun!

drumdance in village NmaAfter about a week we return to Conakry to resume our lessons and explore the happenings and possibly venture out to the Iles de Los for drum and dance classes on the beautiful sand beaches of Roume or Kassa.

Possibilities while in Conakry:

Shop for fabric in bustling downtown Conakry - in the famous Madina Market. Namory knows the special places! Have clothes custom tailored! There are shops for carvings, clothing and of course the amazing markets ! Visit a ballet company rehearsal, enjoy invites from artists to perfomances or events, or maybe visit Youssouf Koumbassa's studio in the neighborhood of Nongo or visit the building of Namory's school - The Hamana Arts Center.

There are always surprises like festivals, impromptu perfomances & concerts to take advantage of when in Guinea - so be prepared for schedule changes - be prepared for learning from the masters and for a whole lot of fun!

Most importantly, come with a curiosity to take in what’s offered and remember that flexibility is critical.  Things don’t always go as planned!

Your Hosts:

Namory Keita's Bio

Seny Daffe

Seny was born in Conakry, Guinea and began studying dance and drum at a very young age. He is a versatile musician who plays djembe, dunduns, krin, bolon, gongoma, and balafon. He’s also a talented singer and comedian.

He teaches and performs with Jeh Kulu Drum and Dance Theater in Vermont. He also travels regularly throughout the east coast regularly visiting, Maine, NH, and Massachusetts as well as camps and conferences in Pennsylvania and Florida – including Wula Camp and the Florida African Dance Festival.

Seny is a patient teacher and a multi-talented performer and is especially known for his electrifying dundun playing!  Seny will be teaching some of the dance and drum during the trip in Guinea.

Liz Fowler

Liz has been dancing since she was a young girl and found West African dance back in 1990 when she a student at Connecticut College, where she majored in dance studies.  She’s been studying regularly since 1995 and teaching in Kittery since 2008. She has traveled to Guinea four times and is looking forward to this opportunity to visit again.  

Liz will be helping Namory and Seny with logistics – both before and during – the trip to Guinea.  Get in touch with her if you have questions.  She’ll find you the answer (she’s a librarian by day) or point you to the right place. You can reach her by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Logistical info:


You need a visa to travel to Guinea.  Namory and Seny will provide you with a letter of invitation that you can send with your application.

You can get a visa through a commercial service or deal directly with the Guinean Embassy.


You will need a Yellow Fever vaccination and will need to provide documentation of this vaccination. Other recommended vaccinations and medications can be found at the sites below.


Make sure your passport has no less than 6 months left on it from the date of your return from Guinea. Check your local post office - they can be extremely helpful.

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Master Village Drummer
Namory Keita
Sangbarala, Guinea, West Africa
Portland, Maine, USA

(603) 831-9609