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Upcoming Workshops

Intensive Drum Workshop with Master Village Drummer Namory Keita

The workshop on April 4 has been canceled. Please check back here for when we will hold our next workshop.

Drum Intensive

in Guinea, West Africa
with Namory Keita
Master Village Drummer

An adventure of a lifetime!
Africa 2021 dates soon to come!

Come with me to Sangbaralla,
my village!

Please Support the Hamana Arts Center Project

The Hamana Arts Center will be a school where Masters and students from around the world come together to exchange, teach, perform and study the traditional arts of the Hamana region. This region fosters some of the greatest drummers in the world, like my uncle, Famadou Konate, and others such as Nounmody Keita, Nansady Keita, Solo Keita to name a few who help to preserve and spread this traditional style.

To all those throughout the world who carry this tradition and those who have passed into the amazing study of West African arts know how important it is for this exchange to continue. For this art form to remain culturally vibrant and intact - its artists must earn a living. To have housing, a place to teach, to study, to perform, and to have a center from which to pull this together and to pass these traditions on to our children is essential.

BECAUSE OF YOU we have made progress!


WOW! Thank you for helping my dream grow! Once the rainy season stops - we will be back at work and hoping to secure funding to continue. Anything will help!


Head orig DS


Namory Keita is a sought after Master Drummer with a unique style and a wealth of traditional knowledge very rare to find outside the villages of Guinea, West Africa. His resources include not only his wonderful ability to engage any audience but also his relationships with dancers and drummers both locally and around the world.

This amazing video is of Namory Keita in his earlier years in his village of Sangbaralla, Guinea.


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Master Village Drummer
Namory Keita
Sangbaralla, Guinea, West Africa
Portland, Maine, USA

(603) 831-9609